Having an extended list of nations that are visited during a year is arguably an achievement in itself. In 2019, where have you ever been exploring? If you don’t have an inventory of nations that you simply visited or haven’t even had time to travel abroad, you continue to have an opportunity in 2020.

No got to go too far, the neighboring countries that are on the Asian Continent also store extraordinary charm. For 2020, the subsequent 5 countries that require to get on the list of nations must be visited:


1. Thailand

Thailand has many attractions that make it worth visiting by tourists from everywhere on the planet. Interesting things from Thailand include culinary delights to the acute, Buddhist traditions and culture, also as breathtaking beach panoramas. If you’re a traveler within the backpacking style, Thailand will certainly meet the proper destination for adventure.

Every year, Thailand features a big festival called the Songkran Festival which is held in various regions. For 2019, the festival to welcome the season is going to be persisted April 13-15, 2019. The Songkran Festival is legendary for water wars from water guns to buckets. Not only local residents and tourists, elephants, which became popular animals in Thailand, didn’t miss the festivities of the Songkran Festival.

2. Singapore

Turning to a neighboring country, Singapore. The country with the Lion mascot is certainly familiar to listen to among travelers. additionally to the worth of plane tickets from the homeland that’s really affordable, Singapore also has many lodgings with prices varying as required. Being in Singapore, you’re like being in Europe because the town layout is neat and therefore transportation is more modern.

Finding a compelling reason to go to Singapore isn’t difficult because throughout the year there are always many interesting events that are deserve being followed. If you wish art, Singapore has the Singapore Art Week event. Here, most art galleries in Singapore are going to be decorated consistent with the theme taken that year. Not only in museums, but you’ll also find various works of art publicly places like parks and roadside walls.

3. Japan

Who isn’t curious about visiting Japan? This country is legendary for the event of its modern technology, but still upholds the traditions and culture of its ancestors. the sweetness of Japan stretches throughout the country, from Fuji to the Noto Peninsula.

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According to various sources, the simplest time to go to Japan is late spring (March-May) because cherry blossoms are in bloom. additionally, the top of autumn in September – November is additionally a recommendation due to the amazing scenery. you’ll also are available July due to the Gion Matsuri Festival. There, you’ll witness an outsized procession with participants wearing various costumes and carrying large sculptures.

4. Hong Kong

The most exciting adventure in Hong Kong is completed in the dark . you’ll search for culinary delights or relax in restaurants enjoying every corner of the town with its colorful citylight. Before enjoying the night atmosphere, there’s nothing wrong if you previously saw the town landscape by riding a car during the daytime.

The simplest time to go to Hong Kong is during the Chinese New Year celebrations which usually fall between late January – February. During this point, there’ll be a variety of activities like lantern flights, culinary bazaars, to lion dance parades. Very exciting, right?

5. Malaysia

As a rustic with a multicultural population, you’ll find many unique and interesting things that are closely associated with the fusion of Chinese, Indian, Arabic, and in fact Malay culture during this neighboring country. the individuality of every one of them you’ll prove when doing culinary tours along your journey exploring Malaysia.

Because Malaysia’s climate is not any different from Indonesia, the simplest time to go to is within the season in order that your activities aren’t interrupted by rain. additionally, the top of May was also a recommendation because there was a Tadau Kaamatan Harvest Festival which was held in Sabah by the Kadazan Hamlet Cultural Organization. the aim of this festival is to point out gratitude to God for the harvest.

– Original article publish in Kompas.com