TheKoper is a search site for hotels, flights, car rentals and trips. TheKoper cooperates with Aviasales / Jetradar a leading flight search engine that allows users to compare airfares from 726 airlines and travel agencies and find the cheapest tickets, Hotellook platform to compare prices on hotels around the world and choose from 250K properties in 205 countries, car rentals in 150 countries, with both international brands and local providers and GetYourGuide Booking platform for travel experiences around the world.

We compare room prices in 70 different hotel booking services, enabling you to pick the most affordable offers that are not even listed on

The price for one and the same room can differ depending on the website you are using. Price comparison enables finding the best offer. Also, sometimes the same room can have a different availability status in another system.

We search both the largest booking websites and small local systems. Oftentimes, small family hotels are not listed on large booking websites.

We use TrustYou™, the smart semantic analysis system, to gather reviews from many booking services (including, Agoda, and others), and calculate ratings based on all the reviews available online.

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We are in Bali, Indonesia. In the future, we will review a lot of tourist attractions in Indonesia, culture, food, cities, and many more world-class tourist destinations in Indonesia such as Bali, Lombok, Bunaken, Raja Ampat, Danau Toba, Keraton Yogyakarta and many more .

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The meaning behind the word "TheKoper"

"Koper" in Indonesian means boxes for storing all kinds of goods. In a simpler sense the word Koper refers to the function of storing clothes and other items used for traveling.

The "Koper" function that travelers always rely on makes it meaningful. As a place for clothes, shoes, cameras, laptops or space for souvenirs that you buy from your vacation place or country.

"Koper" help you with luggage. "Koper" is able to carry many things to support your vacation or your trip.