There is little question that the island of Bali stores endless beauty. The rows of spiritual and cultural activities are complemented by the sweetness of the stunning landscape, especially the beach. If you’re conversant in Kuta Beach or Dreamland Beach, now you would like to travel to a different beautiful beach. The beach name is Pandawa and is usually referred to as the Kutuh Beach.

Pandawa Beach is found in South Bali, precisely in Kutuh Village, Kuta Selatan District, Badung Regency, Bali. Formerly this beach was referred to as Secret Beach due to its location behind high cliffs overgrown with shrubs.

Pantai Pandawa

The beach which is merely about 3 km from Nusa Dua has actually been known for an extended time, but because access to the beach is sort of difficult to form this beach deserted from tourist visits. But now Pandawa beach has become one among the tourist destinations of travelers who come to the island of Bali. The condition of the road to the present beach location is so unique and majestic because it’s flanked by cliffs that are cleaved.

The name Pandawa Beach is taken from the name of the figure Panca Pandawa. Therefore, once you enter the beach area, you’ll be greeted by a statue of Pandawa Lima, namely Yudhistira, Bima, Arjuna, Nakula, and Sadewa.

Patung Pandawa Lima
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All five are beautifully carved and, uniquely, the statues are kept in limestone cliffs. you’ll see the five statues simultaneously and sequentially from rock bottom of the beach to the west. the sweetness of the beach itself can’t be doubted. The charm of the white sand stretches from end to finish, the water is obvious and clean, and therefore the pounding of the waves drift within the distance. Harmonization of varied beauties is prepared to reassure your heart.